This blog has been conceived, researched and written in order to attain a final grade in the course “Regulations and Standards for Wireless Communications (0EL70)”. As a student of Dr. J. M. Smits, I was instructed to choose a standard for wireless communications and analyze it from the perspective of the lectures he gave, answering several question in the process, such as what kind of standard it is, whether it is mandatory or not, the institutional approach of the standards organization in charge of it, etc. After discussing these questions, the purpose is then to argue why (or why not) the standard will be a success.

I have decided to write about the IEEE 802.11ad standard, also known as WiGig. This is an exciting topic for me because I have already studied 802.11 networks extensively before in my education. This new extension of the standard is an important and substantial one, because it entails significant changes to the underlying technology, while regular extensions tend to introduce minor or more protocol oriented changes. Also of interest to me is the fact that there has been a sort of “standards war” for the kind of technology that WiGig embodies. As products compliant with IEEE 802.11ad are starting to become available and enter the market, this is a very relevant moment to judge how the standard fares compared to its competitors.

The content of what normally would be different chapters or sections of an essay is herein distributed as entries to the blog. Nevertheless, I worked on all entries concurrently, so it is possible and more convenient for me to provide a final entry with a single, universal list of references for those interested in the sources I have used when writing them, instead of having a list of used references at the end of each entry.

I hope that this blog is of use to anyone who might come across it.


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